I have always been skeptical of getting going to the chiropractor until I finally had enough pain to go in. I suffered from headaches for about a month and a half and assumed I would be able to crack my neck to help the problem when all I was doing was creating a temporary solution. When I schedule my appointment for the first time online it was super easy and really quick to get in! When I arrived the atmosphere of the place was very nice! Dr. Linden discussed all the problems that could cause the consistent pain I was having. During my adjustment he was EXTREMELY thorough with telling me everything he was doing which made the visit more comforting to know what would be beneficial for me to do and not to do. After the first day I could instantly tell that my headaches were going to be minimal and ended up only having to go back two more times after to make sure everything was just where it should be! I would HIGHLY recommend Linden Family Chiropractic and Rehab to my friends and family. I am glad to have the relief in my neck and back! ( Also, my friends are probably relieved to hear me stop complaining! ha ha!)

Ashleigh Domeyer

I cannot believe I went so long suffering with the pain of chronic headaches on a daily basis. I now leave the office feeling instant relief and pain free every visit! Dr. Linden is professional, friendly, and efficient. My 4 year old son was off and on antibiotics for months attempting to treat an ear infection, which was unsuccessful. After just one adjustment by Dr. Linden my son was back normal, almost immediately. Dr. Linden is PHENOMENAL with children, very gentle and patient!! I love the flexibility with Linden Family Chiropractic. They not only provide effective care but a flexible schedule! I don't ever have to miss work for any of our appointments. The office is open until 7pm which is much later than any other Chiropractor in town! Dr. Linden is also available on SATURDAYS! I highly recommend him to all of my family and friends!!

Anna Robinson

My past experiences with chiropractic does not even amount to the treatment I receive from Dr. Linden. He takes time with me and makes sure all my issues are resolved. I’ve had multiple issues throughout the years and he is the only one who has helped me. From anxiety/panic attacks to herniated discs. I keep up with my visits and do everything he recommends. So far I have been very impressed and so happy to have him as my Doctor..I HIGHLY recommended him!

Brittany Birch

When I first went to Dr. Linden I was experiencing severe lower back pain and discomfort. I couldn't stand up straight and even getting off the couch or out of bed was a struggle. After my second visit I was almost back to normal, and after the third I am standing tall and pain free. If I could leave a greater than 5 star review, I would.

Joe Walsh

Dr Linden never fails at helping me with my pains! I tellhim exactly what I'm concerned about and he faces the problem hear on. He takes the time to listen to patients and trys to help the best he can. Thanks Dr Linden for caring for your patients!!

Kira Olin

Love coming out way better then i go in worth every cent his accomading to my schedule always giving advice on healthy ideas and very reasonable in price Dr Liden thank you

Romana Gayton

Awesome chiropractor. Very knowledgeable

Tim Wunder


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